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Welcome to Roton Point

February 4, 2015



OCTOBER 21, 2014

Dear Fellow Roton Pointers,

The Roton Point west jetty re-construction project is underway! Trucks and equipment have arrived, along with big piles of rocks!

As we mentioned in the last update, there are defined work areas which will be off limits to members during the duration of the project (October 2014 through May 2015).

Here’s a map of the site:



Please note that the area labeled “RPA Access” (the parking lot behind the hotel) is where you should park your car. Signage and fencing will be in place to direct vehicles and pedestrian access. Please pay strict attention to both!

Most important: the drive to the jetty and the grove, as well as a portion of the main parking lot, are NOT accessible to the membership, as this area is within a “hard-hat” construction zone.

Although the upper grove is available for members during jetty reconstruction, vehicular access to the upper grove is now limited to one bi-directional lane with NO exit, requiring backing out or a tight multi-point turn-around. That’s why our usual “No Parking Except for Loading / Unloading” rule remains in effect for the upper grove. Best bet: don’t drive up there at all, if you can possibly avoid it!

Again, all of us want this project to proceed as safely and efficiently as possible. Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated!


John J. Campbell
For the West Jetty Committee


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